IMG_2740Oh man, it’s been a long long time coming, but it’s great to finally be back online again with my website.

It’s been around two years since the domain of expired, and then was promptly purchased by some unknown guy in the US! So I’ve had to resort to

The design of this site was conceived by me, with a desire to be out of the ordinary and out of the box. It has been passed through two web design companies, countless unreplied emails and lots of inaction. But it took one guy with an eye for a challenge and an insane obsession with making things just right to get this website finally up and happening. Michael, I can’t thank you enough for the awesome design and all that “under the hood stuff” to make this site slick, fast and polished.

For anyone looking to get a website done, Michael Allen ROCKS!!!! See his link below.

Stay tuned for more content as I upload firstly all the old blog items of recording projects long since faded out. From there, hit the refresh button as all new content comes up.

Working on two awesome projects right now…the amazing Sam Joole¬†who’s eclectic mix of acoustic, cinematic, reggae, rockabilly, and just plain rock keeps me on my engineering toes. And the other project is my own band called LXL (Large, Xtra Large) in partnership with Jarrod Murphy. We’re hitting all things pop in this one!