The last time I mixed this was on the 15/1/11. That’s a long(ish) time between versions. Originally this song was part of the “Dead At The Desk” project, but the song actually fits quite well with the new LXL material. So we decided to have a go at doing a different mix of it. We always found that the vocals could have come up on the original mix, so now was as good an opportunity to fix all this.

Common sense would tell you, that in this day and age of mixing-in-the-box, all you would have to do is recall the old mix, turn the vocals up and redo it. Well, I could do that, but since it was mixed in the Icon of AIM, I would need to go in and do it. For me, I felt it could do with some other adjustments as well.

So now we’re some considerable hours in, and I have changed lots. Armed with my Native Instruments Komplete package, I’m Guitar Rigging guitars, Fat Blasting vocals, creating Massive Sub-bass lines, Guitar Rigging wurly parts. So the end result is working up to be a much grittier affair. Hey, if it doesn’t work, I can always recall the old mix.

I have started using the “Splitter” tool in Guitar Rig. This gives me the option of creating multiple guitar tones but using only one recorded guitar part. I’ll be automating between the tones in various sections of the song to give me some variation. In the diagram below, the sound is “split” into two. “Split A” goes into the AC Box, while “Split B” goes into the Citrus. The resultant sounds appear at the “Split Mix” section and you can use the horizontal slider to balance between the two sounds. Right now, there is equal balance between Split A and Split B (the slider is in the centre). I’ll automate that!

Native Instruments "Splitter" tool in Guitar Rig.
Native Instruments “Splitter” tool in Guitar Rig.

Still having troubles with the vocal tone though. I’m really not sure how I recorded it, but there’s some really weird comb-filtering going on. It’s really noticeable in the beginning part of the song, but is less obvious later in the track.