Today was the start of a brand new project – the new EP by a band called Levingstone. Made up of primarily AIM students, I recorded two songs last year for the Best of AIM CD. Only one of those songs (Radio Friendly) made it on to the CD, but the band kept the other song One Up up their sleeve.

So we had a great head start with the drums, bass, guitars and keyboards all done. It was now a matter of replacing the guide vocal with a “real take”. Sammi O’Rourke the lead singer came in at 6:00pm.

Sammi is very easy to work with, and thankfully has a pretty good idea of what she’s after. We also already knew which mic worked the best via a little test recording we did last week. See the video about the test recording here.

So the Rode K2 was pulled out and plugged into the Avalon 737. Some gentle compression, a boost in the tops and lower mids, and we were ready to go.

Sammi recorded a number of takes and we comped those together, added some BV’s and harmonies and we were all done. The comping probably took the most amount of time, and I’ve still got a little bit of editing to do, but all will be fine.

All out and packed by 9:10pm. The long ride home, complicated by the never-ending amount of track work courtesy of Sydney Trains.