New Toys

Posted on 21.01.2016

Back in early November of last year, I got an early Christmas present for myself. Through some good negotiation, I acquired a new Apogee Ensemble (Thunderbolt) interface. Wow – some bit of kit. By all reviews, I was getting some seriously great gear here. Heaps of I/O, guitar re-amping, talkback, full monitor controller (with 2 […]

Sydney Sider

Posted on 19.01.2016

2016 has seen things already in full swing. At last count I’ve got no less than 8 recording projects going on at once. One advantage to this is that I stay out of mischief and stay out of the sun – something that one needs to do in the January heat of Sydney. Speaking of […]

Welcome 2016

Posted on 09.01.2016

Recorded in November/December 2015, but mixed in January, the song “Welcome” by AIM High School student Olivia Warhole Bernhard, was a good way to kick off 2016. A challenging song to record and mix because of the intricate amount of electronic programming involved. Producer, Adrian Legg from AIM High School did a whole lot of […]