Jason de Wilde is an audio professional with over 25 years of studio and recording experience. This unique skillset gives him the right balance of technical skills to take on virtually any recording project. No job is too big or too small. Having been part of the changing studio technology during that time, Jason is highly experienced in analog and digital recording technology and is comfortable in both types of studio environments. If you are after that authentic analog sound for your next recording or mix, or prefer the in-the-box plug-in based sound, Jason is in the game.


At the core, Jason is a professional. He won’t take on a project unless he can meet your deadline, and is acutely aware of the need to deliver a professional product within the prescribed budget. He is understanding of his clients’ needs and wishes and makes every possible effort to cater for your requirements. At any time, you will know exactly the progression of your project, communicated in an open and honest way. With a focus on professionalism, you will find that working with Jason contains no hidden surprises in the handling of your recording or mixing project.

With a keen ear for detail, Jason will create balanced productions that sound professional, even before the mastering process. His critical listening skills allow him to zoom on individual elements of a production, and reshape as necessary.

Whether you are a singer-writer, band or any musical artist, looking to create professional sounding recordings and mixes, contact Jason de Wilde and talk to him about the possibilities.