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Years spent explaining things to himself have resulted in Jason de Wilde having an uncanny knack of being able to explain things to others. Travelling the world, and teaching audio to students in any country who’ll let him pass through customs, Jason has been responsible for the education of a great many people. Some of his students have gone on to do great things, (sadly) leaving Jason to be the footstool to their success. Nevertheless, Jason sees this as all part of the learning process, and some of life’s lessons still go on.

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Wherever you are in the world, you can access the wisdom (and wit?) of the “great audio teacher” (unknown student circa 1999). What better way to tap into the vast ocean of audio knowledge, than to lock in to some private tutoring? This service is perfect for those wanting to get to the heart of the information without studying 3 years to get a degree. Whether you live in Sydney or Siberia, Jason is online and waiting for your call. Rates are reasonable and all aspects of recording studio techniques and technicalities are covered. He is well versed on the programs of Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Native Instruments Komplete and any aspect of recording and mixing. Tutoring can be arranged as a one-off lesson or as a complete package. Watch this space for a complete online mixing course coming soon.

Should you just want a short fix, a teaser into the mind of Jason de Wilde, then you can check out the numerous tips, tricks and “how to” tutorials found on his YouTube channel. Just subscribe once you’re done so that you don’t miss a thing.