Sam Joole – “Shapeshifting” Reviews

Posted on 01.02.2016

Good to see Sam’s work getting some good vibes in the media. Here’s one: Looking forward to the next project with Sam. You can check out more of his stuff here at  

New Toys

Posted on 21.01.2016

Back in early November of last year, I got an early Christmas present for myself. Through some good negotiation, I acquired a new Apogee Ensemble (Thunderbolt) interface. Wow – some bit of kit. By all reviews, I was getting some seriously great gear here. Heaps of I/O, guitar re-amping, talkback, full monitor controller (with 2 […]

Sydney Sider

Posted on 19.01.2016

2016 has seen things already in full swing. At last count I’ve got no less than 8 recording projects going on at once. One advantage to this is that I stay out of mischief and stay out of the sun – something that one needs to do in the January heat of Sydney. Speaking of […]

Welcome 2016

Posted on 09.01.2016

Recorded in November/December 2015, but mixed in January, the song “Welcome” by AIM High School student Olivia Warhole Bernhard, was a good way to kick off 2016. A challenging song to record and mix because of the intricate amount of electronic programming involved. Producer, Adrian Legg from AIM High School did a whole lot of […]

Re-Re-Revisiting “Change To Survive” (Again)

Posted on 28.09.2015

One thing that always seems to happen…a mix sounds awesome when you first listen to it, but over time it morphs into something tragic. It’s as if a song ages like old food – tastes sweet when fresh, but gets all moldy as time transpires. Such was the case with SMLXL’s “Change To Survive”. The […]

A New Project – Levingstone

Posted on 24.09.2015

Today was the start of a brand new project – the new EP by a band called Levingstone. Made up of primarily AIM students, I recorded two songs last year for the Best of AIM CD. Only one of those songs (Radio Friendly) made it on to the CD, but the band kept the other […]

Revisiting “Change To Survive”

Posted on 25.02.2015

The last time I mixed this was on the 15/1/11. That’s a long(ish) time between versions. Originally this song was part of the “Dead At The Desk” project, but the song actually fits quite well with the new LXL material. So we decided to have a go at doing a different mix of it. We […]

The Poverty Twist

Posted on 25.02.2015

One of the very cool things about working with Sam is his willingness to try anything, and then be happy to completely throw it out if he feels it doesn’t work. This was the case for the horn parts for Poverty Blues. I thought they worked great, but Sam has decided to take the track on […]

The New Website

Posted on 18.02.2015

Oh man, it’s been a long long time coming, but it’s great to finally be back online again with my website. It’s been around two years since the domain of expired, and then was promptly purchased by some unknown guy in the US! So I’ve had to resort to The design of this […]

Recording Harmonica, Flugel Horn and Trombone – “Poverty Blues”

Posted on 16.02.2015

Two session players that work with Sam are Stuart West (Trumpet, flugel horn, harmonica, melodica and more) and Tony Gibson (Trombone) came into the studio today. Their task was lay down some parts for Poverty Stricken Blues, a sort of African number with four-to-floor stomping and plenty of glorious melodic guitar parts. We hadn’t worked […]