The Making Of A Superband

Posted on 22.11.2009

Recording with my friend Dave Keys is always a funny experience. We have known each other for years, and it would be fair to say that he was my best friend for a long time. We don’t catch up much now, but today was good excuse to touch base, or actually touch bass. I remember […]

Transfer Time

Posted on 04.11.2009

Every now and then, the “glamourous” life of an audio engineer is disrupted by something slightly on the mundane side – it’s called printing. Basically, even though the technology lets us do wonderful things, like have lots of Instrument Plug-ins, it’s generally a safer option to print these as audio files. Some computers (like mine) […]

Blowing Your Own Trumpet

Posted on 19.10.2009

Stewart Kirwan is one of my students, and besides that he is also an extremely funny guy. He is one these people that basically will shit stir anyone just to get a reaction. But he does it in such a funny way, that you can’t help being part of it. He also possesses one other […]

Zero Social Life

Posted on 18.10.2009

Well, considering my severe lack of a social life, I spent much of the day listening to the various drum takes of Change To Survive and Getting Out. I also had to sift through the various timpani parts from the other night. Whilst this appears to be mundane, I actually quite enjoy it. It’s sessions […]

Drums, Clothes and Maracas

Posted on 13.10.2009

We needed to do the drums for 2 songs tonight; Change To Survive was the song that Jarrod had sent down recently with the wrong tempo. That has since been fixed. The other song was the re-recording of the drums for Getting Out. We set the drums up virtually identical to last time with the […]

Recording Timpani

Posted on 12.10.2009

St Aloysius in Milson’s is one of those schools you always hoped you could afford to send your kids to. Located virtually right underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the northern side, it seems to be an unlikely spot to have a school, as the real estate alone would be worth a fortune. It is […]

Conducting The Virtual Orchestra

Posted on 11.10.2009

For much of the day, I was glued to the laptop sorting through everything that had been done so far. I especially wanted to get the drums that Dave had recorded the other day all sorted, and ready for the timpani recording that is happening tomorrow. But it did not start well. I discover that […]

Hello Cello

Posted on 09.10.2009

The first step in replacing Jarrod’s Reason programming with real instruments happened tonight. Cameron Hissey, not one to be content for having writing an insanely good score for Someone Else For A Day, decides to get THE FAMILY involved by bringing his sister in to the studio. Andrea Hissey is about to start her HSC […]

Is That A Score In Your Pocket? (Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?)

Posted on 06.10.2009

I got a call from Cam this morning at some ungodly hour (around 9:00am). He asked me if I was close to AIM. He was very keen to meet up with me. He had just finished the score to Someone Else For A Day. ALREADY!!!! And he was dying for me to listen to it. […]

Three Coffees Later And All Hell Breaks Loose

Posted on 03.10.2009

A word of warning – take a good look at the picture above. NEVER have lunch with this person!! Your recording project will change forever ;-))))) There are days that start out innocently enough, where you think nothing really exciting is going to happen, and then suddenly it ALL changes. Well, today was one of […]