Sam Joole – “Shapeshifting” Reviews

Posted on 01.02.2016

Good to see Sam’s work getting some good vibes in the media. Here’s one: Looking forward to the next project with Sam. You can check out more of his stuff here at  

The Poverty Twist

Posted on 25.02.2015

One of the very cool things about working with Sam is his willingness to try anything, and then be happy to completely throw it out if he feels it doesn’t work. This was the case for the horn parts for Poverty Blues. I thought they worked great, but Sam has decided to take the track on […]

Recording Harmonica, Flugel Horn and Trombone – “Poverty Blues”

Posted on 16.02.2015

Two session players that work with Sam are Stuart West (Trumpet, flugel horn, harmonica, melodica and more) and Tony Gibson (Trombone) came into the studio today. Their task was lay down some parts for Poverty Stricken Blues, a sort of African number with four-to-floor stomping and plenty of glorious melodic guitar parts. We hadn’t worked […]